We have an on-line uniform shop which you can find here:


If you need help with choosing what you need or using the site then please just ask us. If there are any items you would like but cannot see then just let us know and we will see if we can source them for you from 'Uniform Easy'.

Is uniform compulsory?

It is not compulsory for you to purchase any uniform for your child. However, we highly recommend it because:

  • It helps you child get into the routine of putting on Pre-school clothes and knowing that it is a Pre-school day
  • You don't have to worry about arguments in the morning regarding what to wear!
  • You won't be worried about your child getting messy and ruining their own nice clothes
  • They can be the same as their friends (this is good for their self-confidence initially)
  • It's a good habit to get into for future school life

What do I need?

Our core items are:

  • Pre-school t-shirt
  • Pre-school sweatshirt or zip-up fleece

We also supply a number of other items (mostly without the Pre-school logo) which you might find useful for Pre-school:

  • Long-sleeved t-shirt
  • Summer and winter hats
  • Girl's summer dress (we found these have been quite popular with the older girls)
  • All-in-one waterproof suit
  • Navy jogging bottoms


South Hill Park Pre-school is non profit-making and is registered as an educational charity. We find that this has huge benefits for the Pre-school as it means we are run for the sole benefit of the children rather than a profit making individual. A small amount of the cost of each item you purchase comes directly to the Pre-school as fundraising money and the rest pays for the item and the personalised Pre-school logo. We have done our best to select quality items which should survive the daily Pre-school routine and lots of washing!

Supply / Delivery

We will keep small quantities of core items at Pre-school. If we do not have stock of an item that you can choose the click and collect option and as soon as there are 10 items requested by parents then we will order them so you do not have to pay postage. Alternatively you can pay the postage and ask for your delivery to come directly to you.