General Information:

We take children from the age of two.  There is no 'catchment area' and we welcome all children, wherever you live.

We usually only have one intake per year which is in September.  This is because the primary schools all prefer to have just one intake and we usually only have children leaving when they go to primary school.  Each September we aim to fill all our spaces and so we often don't have any more available until the following year.  However, if you are looking for a space during the year please do contact us and we can advise you of any spaces.  If you wish your child to start with us before they receive their 'free entitlement' (funding) from the term after their third birthday then you will need to pay fees for these sessions (unless you are eligible for two year old funding). 

1.        Admissions

Your child’s name will be placed on a waiting list. Places will be allocated in the following order:

1.    Children with siblings currently attending the Pre-school or who have previously attended the Pre-school. 

2.    Children with priority admission on medical, physical, social, emotional and educational grounds (this must be supported by the appropriate professional agency).  The maximum number of priority admissions will be 6% per intake. 

3.    Children over the age of 3 who have moved from a setting in an area outside of Bracknell Forest.  The application should be made within 8 weeks of moving to this area and proof of the date of arriving here will be required.

4.    Gypsy, Roma and Traveller children (GRT) who have moved into the area and require a temporary or permanent placement.

5.    All other children over the age of 2 in strict order of application (i.e. an earlier date of application puts you higher up the waiting list).

To be considered for a priority admission applications for these children must have been received by the first day of the term prior to the term they wish to start in.  For example, if you wish your child to start in September (Autumn Term) your application must have been received by the first day of the summer term (this will be a date in April and is published on our website).

A non-refundable registration fee is charged when your place is offered.  This registration fee is a voluntary donation for all children who receive the free entitlement (if you do not intend to exceed your 15 hours free entitlement throughout their time here).  This fee will be used to assist with administration costs and trial visits.

Our Pre-school is open to all sections of the local community. To ensure that the existence of the Pre-school is widely known in the local community, we will make sure that we supply up-to-date information to the Family Information Service and other relevant bodies.  If we need to advertise we will place notices advertising the Pre-school in places where all sections of the community can see them.

We will not discriminate against any child or their family or prevent entry to our setting.  We are pleased to welcome families of different colours, ethnic origins, religions and social backgrounds.  We monitor the gender and ethnic background of children joining the group to ensure that our intake is representative of social diversity.  If our intake is not representative we will take action to ensure that we are reaching all sections of the local community.

Policy reviewed: June 2016 (changes made)

 Next review: June 2017

If you have any queries regarding our admissions policy or your specific application then please contact the Pre-School Manager by telephone or e-mail.

Our current application form can be found below.  Please print, complete and return to us or scan and email to us.
Lisa Thomas,
12 Apr 2016, 01:58