Amy Kennelly -
Committee Chair

Amy joined the committee in 2016 as Treasurer. She then took on the role as Chair in August 2017. She has two sons that attend pre-school currently; one who does 3 all day sessions and in his final year. The youngest has just started 3 mornings a week. In her spare time, she enjoys swimming, cooking and walking.

Bebe de Fremery Newport -
Committee Vice-Chair

Bebe joined the committee as vice-chairman in 2018 when her daughter started at the pre-school. After working in retail management for 20 years, she opted to go back to mobile hairdressing. At weekends, Bebe helps her sister with her honey business. She loves chocolate fondants (with cream), goes to a clubbercise class once a week and is an avid reader of thriller novels.

Norain Booth
Committee Secretary

Norain joined the committee in 2017 when her son started at the pre-school. Previously an advertising copywriter, she now finds a creative outlet in making silly hats and other seriously useful things with her sewing machine. Norain indulges in a good read every now and then, and enjoys a good Lego build.

Daniel Boothman -
Committee Treasurer

Daniel started volunteering at the pre-school when his first son began attendance. He joined the committee in 2017 and now has two boys at the pre-school. Being Admissions and Transport Officer for Surrey County Council keeps him busy and in his free time, Daniel seeks challenge in the world of tabletop games. His super trick is the ability to hum and whistle at the same time. (His weakness? White chocolate.)

Susan Fenn -   

Susan joined the committee in 2018 when her 2-year-old daughter joined the pre school. Susan is a nursery nurse herself and works within the health visiting team in a neighbouring town. Susan loves family days out and looks forward to her holidays each year.


Lisa has been involved with the pre-school since 2003 when she was secretary on the committee and then joined the staff team as an employee in 2005.  She has 3 sons (19, 16 and 11) who have all attended SHP.  In her spare time she enjoys being with family and friends, cooking, eating and music.


Debbie has worn many hats at the pre-school since first serving on the committee in 1995. A couple of years later, she started volunteering at the pre-school when her daughter enrolled and Debbie continued to develop her experience and expertise professionally through the years. Her interests include horses, horse riding, knitting, cross stitch and her beautiful cats.

Committee Events Lead

Beth joined the committee in 2018 having volunteered at various events since the first of her two kids started at the pre-school. Her experience working in education runs deep—15 years at a local special needs school, currently as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant. Beth is a keen shutterbug and loves exploring new flavours and places with the luxury of time.


Emily joined the committee in 2018 when her son started at the pre-school. She has three children (9, 2 and a baby). Emily works for an Independent Fostering Agency and feels this is the most rewarding job she has done. In her free time, she loves family trips out mainly to her favourite place – Bournemouth. Emily is a massive music lover – despite being an awful singer!


Hannah joined the Committee in 2019, with a 2-year-old daughter due to start in the autumn term at the Pre-school. She enjoys getting her work colleagues into fancy dress when delivering training and reading Philippa Gregory novels. Her toughest gig by far was swimming 11 miles for Diabetes UK following 12 swim lessons (and over 30 years of trying to learn swimming).