Our Pre-School Manager, is responsible for ensuring a safe and fair recruitment process for the Pre-school. .

To find out if we are currently looking for staff please give the Pre-school Manager a ring or send an e-mail. If we are not currently recruiting you are welcome to send an email with your details and she will keep them on file for six months incase the situation should change. She would then be able to contact you and send you a full application pack if a position should become available.

The Application Pack

This will contain full details of the position available including hours, salary, job description and person specification. Before applying for a position with us you are welcome to come and visit and we can show you around and answer any questions you may have. Please call or e-mail to arrange this.

The Application Form

South Hill Park Pre-school do not accept applications by CV alone. An application form is required and this form should be handwritten by you.

Employment History

You will need to detail a full employment history in chronological order since leaving secondary education. Please include periods of any post-secondary education / training, part-time and voluntary work as well as full time employment, with start and end dates.

Please provide explanations for periods not in employment or education / training and reasons for leaving employment. Please expect that all details, dates and reasons could be checked.


We always request references from the people you have named on your application form. We may ask for your permission to request these references before you are invited for interview as this helps our decision making when employing adults to work with children. We encourage you to give permission, but will respect your decision if you decide against it.

We ask for two professional references and one of these must be from your current or most recent employer. If you are not currently working with children but have done so in the past it is important that a reference is obtained from the employer by whom you were most recently employed working with children.

References will not be accepted from relatives or people writing solely in the capacity of friends.

We may ask you if we can contact other organisations that you have listed in your employment history.


Because positions at Pre-school involve working with children, they are exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. As such you are required to declare all convictions including spent convictions. We give you the opportunity to share information at an early stage so that we can discuss and consider it. This information will not be used to shortlist candidates and we will be fair when we consider if it is relevant to the job.

You are welcome to ask for our policy statement on the recruitment of ex-offenders.

First Interview

Short-listed candidates will be invited in during a Pre-school session so they can be observed with the children by at least two senior members of staff.

Second Interview

A formal interview will take place with the Pre-school Manager, a Supervisor and possibly a member of the Committee.

Candidates will need to bring the following documents to the second interview:
1. ID - passport, driving licence, full original birth certificate (if these documents are not available then you will need to contact the Pre-school Manager to discuss alternatives)
2. Qualification certificates

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

If your application is successful you will be required to apply for an enhanced disclosure with the DBS. You will receive more information about this with the disclosure form.

You are welcome to ask for the DBS Code of Practice.

Racial Equality in Employment

South Hill Park Pre-school are fully aware that the population of the UK is ethnically diverse. The Pre-school will comply at all times with section 4 of the 1976 Act, and section 6 of the 1997 Order which states that it is unlawful to discriminate in employment practices on racial grounds.

You are welcome to ask for our 'Code of Practice on in Racial Equality Employment.'