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Student Placement

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We recognise that the quality and variety of work which goes on in a Pre-school makes it an ideal placement for school students undertaking work placements and students on childcare courses.

Students are welcome to enter the Pre-school under the following conditions:

  1. The needs of the children are paramount. Students will not be admitted in numbers that will hinder the essential work with the children.

  1. College tutors must confirm students as being on a bona fide childcare course which provide necessary background understanding of children’s development.

  1. Students needing to have written studies of a child must obtain written permission from the child’s parents and all studies will be anonymised

  1. Any information gained by the student must remain confidential.

The Pre-school have carried out a risk assessment to examine any possible risks of having students in our setting.  As a result, all students will receive an induction meeting from our Pre-school Manager or Supervisor and will sign their agreement to our safety procedures which have been written to protect the student and the Pre-school.  Students will also receive an information pack as part of their induction which includes a Safeguarding Cue Card and details of what to do if they have safeguarding concerns.

Policy reviewed: November 2018 (changes made)

Next review: November 2019