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Food & Drink

The children have a mid-morning / afternoon break of milk or water and a healthy snack of fruit, dairy and carbohydrates.  We aim to vary the food offered and endeavour to reflect cultural diversity.  No juice is supplied, nor do we encourage this to be brought in, as this is unfair to the other children and does not follow our healthy eating guidelines.  We follow the NHS Change4Life ‘food smart’ recommendations to cut back on sugar, salt and saturated fats.

All parents are encouraged to provide their child with a water bottle and the children can access this at all times.  If a child doesn’t have a water bottle then we can supply them with fresh drinking water when required.

Parents are reminded of our healthy eating policy when bringing in packed lunches for lunch club.   We discourage packed lunch contents that consist largely of processed foods and / or sweet products. We request that parents do not send their children in with confectionery items as part of their lunch.  Ice packs should be provided in lunch boxes for children attending morning sessions at Pre-school before their lunch club. Parents are requested to bring in cold food for lunch. Pre-school staff will not reheat food. 

We ensure that staff sit with children to eat their lunch so that the mealtimes are a social occasion. Pre-school  staff  will  let  parents know if  their  children’s eating habits change at Pre-school or if there are any concerns regarding their lunch.  This will usually be a note in their lunch box unless a phone call is considered to be more appropriate.

We ask parents not to send in foods containing nuts. Parents may also be asked not to provide other items of food due to the allergens that they contain. These items can change according to the needs of the children at the time.  Parents are informed of these foods when necessary. 

In line with the Food Information Regulations 2014, you can ask us for verbal information about potential allergens in our snack food.  Please ask the Manager or Deputy Manager  and they will be able to show you the food packaging with the relevant information.

Please ensure that the Pre-school is informed of food allergies or special dietary requirements e.g. Vegetarian, Coeliac, Lactose Intolerance etc.  All staff are made aware of allergies and dietary requirements of children.  The Pre-school implements systems to ensure that children only receive food and drink that is consistent with  their dietary needs and preferences, as well as  their parents’ wishes.  The staff member organising each snack session reads and signs the snack preparation sheet in the kitchen before each snack time.  If a child has allergies or specific dietary requirements, parents may be asked to provide their own snack food. If there are any parties, the food provided will reflect any dietary considerations the children may have.  

With an increasing awareness of food allergies, cultural and dietary preferences, as well as parents’ choice not to give their children sweets, to be fair to all the children at Pre-school we request that no cakes, sweets or foods are brought in for birthdays. Instead we have a wooden birthday cake and candles that we use at group time to sing happy birthday to them with their friends.


Policy reviewed: January 2022 (changes made)

Next review: January 2023