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Broadmoor Alert Policy

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Broadmoor Hospital is a high-security psychiatric hospital in Crowthorne.  There is currently an alarm system in place to alert people in the vicinity when any potentially dangerous patient escapes.  The sirens are currently tested every Monday morning at 10 a.m. There is a first alarm which would be the escape alarm (if someone did escape) and then a second alarm which is the ‘all clear' (a constant tone from the same sirens).  To prevent an escape happening during the test period all patients are accounted for and locked in their rooms before testing. If you hear the alarm any time other than Monday at 10 a.m. there has been an escape. During 2019 this alarm system will be decommissioned.  We will be using the Thames Valley Alert (TVA) system as a replacement for the sirens. TVA is a web hosted system which the Pre-school have signed up for so that we will receive voice messages or texts directly from the police in the event of an emergency.

South Hill Park Pre-school has good security arrangements at all times.  Our register details the time that each child arrives and leaves each day and therefore we always know exactly how many children are in our care at any one time.  When the children are outside playing our gate is always locked. When the children go back indoors we always carry out a headcount before the outside gate is unlocked.  During arrival and collection times we always have a member of staff standing at the entrance door to ensure that no child leaves the building without the adult who is responsible for them.

In the event of a Broadmoor escape the Pre-school will be notified by the TVA system.  Pre-school will remain open but all children will be moved securely indoors. A headcount will be carried out immediately.  The outside gate will stay locked and no visitors will be accepted. At the end of the session the normal collection procedures will be followed.  Under no circumstances will children be allowed to leave the safe confines of Pre-school with an adult who is not known to us and named on the child’s admission forms (or subsequently put in writing).  Our usual procedures also apply in the event of a child not being picked up.

If a group of children are on an outing in the surrounding local area at the time of the escape alert our main priority will be to return to the Pre-school building immediately and quickly.  The senior member of staff will always have a mobile telephone and the contact details of all the children with them. Before each trip the mobile phone will be checked to ensure it has enough battery power and enough credit for the trip and the staff left at Pre-school have the correct telephone number.   

Policy reviewed: January 2019 (changes made)

Next review: January 2020