Children and Adults

All children are supervised by adults at all times.  Our staff to child ratio is 1:4 for children under the age of 3 and a maximum of 1:8  for children over the age of 3.

Our premises are kept secure at all times. We have a perimeter fence accessed via a gate which is locked when the children are outside playing.  When the children are inside the front door is kept locked. A register of both children and adults is completed daily as people arrive so there is a complete record available in case of an emergency.  

We adhere to a no use of mobile phone policy in the setting. At collection, mobile phones must not be in use during the handover from Pre-school staff to parents so that we can communicate with you and make sure your child is safely in your care. Children are only allowed to go home with people named on their registration form, or with someone who has previously been agreed by the parent. For people we have not met before, we require the parent to give advance notice that the person will be collecting, a description of them and a password. Without these, we may refuse to send a child home unless we can contact the parent and get confirmation.  

All visitors entering the Pre-school are required to sign in and show photograph ID.  They are asked to read our visitors and fire notices.  All staff and regular volunteers at the Pre-school are required to have an Enhanced DBS and medical check. 

All play equipment is regularly checked by staff and committee, and any damaged items are either repaired or discarded. All equipment offered in Pre-school is appropriate for children’s development and it is recognised that some equipment/materials may pose a risk to younger children so careful planning is maintained to help prevent this. 

All children are asked not to run in Pre-school in the interest of their own safety.  The wearing of jewellery is not encouraged in Pre-school and we advise against children wearing earrings as they can cause injury.  However, we will accept children wearing earrings as long as parents accept that there is a risk.  We ask that they wear plain studs only at Pre-school to reduce the risk and be aware that staff are not permitted to take the earrings out or put them back in.

All accidents, and existing injuries are reported on an accident form.  Parents are notified of any accident at the end of the session and asked to countersign the form to say they are aware and know what has happened. Parents are notified about head injuries by telephone after it has happened. Children who have had any form of head injury, are monitored and checked every ten minutes for at least half an hour after the accident.  The child’s parents are given a head injury awareness slip when they collect them. The Manager and Deputy Manager review the accident records once every term (or more frequently if required) to examine them for common occurrences and areas in Pre-school which may need reviewing.  These findings are shared with the Committee Health and Safety Officer and actions are agreed at the Committee meeting.

Outings and Visits

Parents sign a general consent form for children to be taken out as a part of the daily activities of the setting.  We have risk assessed the local area so that we know it is a safe environment to take the children, however, this will be reviewed regularly in case of any changes.  If we were to go somewhere new and/or further away, we would risk assess it first and may ask for further parental permissions. Our adult to child ratio is high, at least half of the regular ratios, meaning 2 year olds would have one adult to every two children and 3 and 4 year olds will have one adult to four children. Due to the need to increase the ratio for outings we may need to call on extra adults to help.  If a group is left in Preschool, we will maintain the appropriate ratio of staff to children.  On outings children wear high visibility jackets and staff take a mobile phone, and a first aid kit. 


Pre-school is checked each day for safety and any concerns reported. Heaters are covered with guards.  All cleaning materials are stored in locked cupboards in the kitchen. Children do not have access to the kitchen area which is closed off by a child safety gate. All hot liquids are kept in the kitchen or are taken in a lidded mug to the office.  The layout of activities are organised to allow children and adults to move safely and freely around the Pre-school.  Fire doors are kept clear at all times.  All windows have laminated glass.

Fire Drills

Fire drills are held every half term, so that children and adults are familiar with the drill and procedures. During a fire drill, the children hear an alarm and exit the premises with the staff.  The children are counted out and line up against the playground fence.  A register of staff and children is carried out to ensure we have all the children, and if needed, to quickly identify if anyone has been left inside. Once everyone is accounted for a member of staff explains to the children what has happened and then everyone returns to Pre-School. The children are counted in, and the register is called again to ensure everybody is back inside the premises safely. Each member of staff has a specific role during fire drills, that they will carry out. A list of these roles is displayed in the office.  The roles are discussed regularly in case changes need to be made. A written record is kept after each drill.  

We have staff members who are familiar with the  correct use of fire appliances.  Fire appliances are checked by the appropriate company every year.  A copy of our fire procedures is on the main notice board in the lobby.  If a fire occurs on our premises then children will be evacuated to Birch Hill Primary School where arrangements have been made to house them whilst contact calls are being made.  They will be accompanied by adults at all times.

Our group operates a strict no smoking policy at all times.

Lost Child Procedure

In order to prevent a child being lost, children are counted once the door is locked after drop off times, when coming into Pre-school from the garden and before we open the gate at the end of the session. A register of children attending each session is kept and signed after each drop off time. Children are signed out as they leave. 

To ensure no child leaves without an appropriate adult, during drop off and collection times, there is a staff member at the gate, another at the door the children are leaving from and at least one other inside helping them to wait and go when their name is called. Staff ensure each child is handed over to their parent or carer.

In the unlikely event that a child becomes lost, 2 members of staff will conduct a search inside the preschool, out in the garden and of the immediate surroundings outside of the main gate.  Other staff members will keep the remaining children together and someone will notify the Preschool Manager and or Deputy Manager if they are not already aware.  If the child is not found then the 2 members of staff will continue looking, whilst the Manager or Deputy (or someone they have instructed to) contact the police and parents of the child.

If a child becomes lost during an outing 1 member of staff will conduct a search of the immediate surroundings, whilst the other staff keep the remaining children together. If the child is not found a call will be made to the Pre-school by mobile phone (to ascertain whether or not the child has returned there and to notify the Preschool Manager and or Deputy Manager). If the child is not found, the Manager and or Deputy will contact the police and parents then, go to help with the search.   The other children will be returned to Pre-school leaving 2 staff members to continue looking for the missing child until the police arrive.

Last reviewed: July 2023