South Hill Park Pre-School was established in 1974 and was originally set up in a room within the main building of the Arts Centre to provide a crèche facility for the staff and customers of the South Hill Park Arts Centre. It soon became a very popular Pre-school provision for both users of the arts centre and local residents alike but having spent 21 years at the site the Pre-school was given short notice to quit the rooms and after much discussion an alternative home was offered in a temporary terrapin which was in a terrible state of repair.

During the summer holidays of 1995, all the staff, committee and parents took on the full-scale overhaul of the building producing a lovely, albeit temporary, site for the Pre-school. This 'temporary' site was the Pre-school's home for the next four years until following an arson attack the building was declared uninhabitable. At which point Brakenhale Comprehensive School offered the Pre-school a room within their facility for temporary use.

During the following year various discussions and negotiations continued to secure a new home for the Pre-school at a permanent, purpose built provision. The building was made available on the 28th June 2000.

We have been a member of the Pre-school Learning Alliance since 1981. It is the largest national charity providing support to Pre-school education.

In June 2005 we changed our Ofsted registration to allow us to take as many two year old children as we wished. Our morning sessions now cater for the very young and our waiting lists quickly increased as a result!

In September 2006 we began 'Lunch Club' for the over 3's on a Monday and Friday. This has been tremendously successful and the children really enjoy it and benefit from it.

In March 2011 we had our Ofsted inspection for which we received 'Outstanding'. 

In July 2013 both the Supervisor and Manager achieved their Foundation Degrees.

In November 2013, for the first time we were staffed by 100% qualified early years professionals.

In April 2014 we began to offer flexible sessions for the first time.  Parents were given the choice of different start and finish times and sessions lengths varied from 2.5 hours to 4 hours.

In July 2014 our Supervisor achieved her BA Hons Special Educational Needs and Inclusive Practice.

In April 2015 we received our second Ofsted 'Outstanding' rating.

In July 2015 our Manager achieved a First Class BA Honours Degree in Children's Learning and Development.

In October 2019 a new Manager and Deputy Manager started at the Pre-school.   

In January 2020 we were inspected under a new framework by Ofsted.  We were pleased to have been graded 'GOOD' 

In March 2020 following Government guidelines, we had to close temporarily due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  We reopened in June 2020. 

February 2021, saw a current member of staff appointed to the role of Deputy Manager, whilst a second took on the role of SENDCO within the pre-school.  

September 2022 - Our deputy Manager begun studying towards a Foundation Degree in Children's Learning and Development. 

June 2024 - The Pre-school will be 50 years old