Our food and hygiene procedures are reviewed annually in line with current legislation and research.  Our procedures are displayed in the relevant areas and in each staff member's handbook to ensure they are observed at all times.

Personal Hygiene

Adults and Children


Spills of blood, vomit, or excrement must be carefully wiped up and disposed of accordingly. Gloves plastic/rubber must be used when doing this.  Any cleaning materials which have been in contact with blood should be disposed of in the sanitary bin.  Any areas affected, floors, worktops, toys etc., must be cleaned with a disinfectant diluted to the manufacturer’s instructions.  All fabrics that are contaminated will be washed thoroughly in hot water.


Staff follow a stringent cleaning programme to keep the kitchen and Pre-school environment clean. Detailed records of cleaning are kept in the ‘cleaning schedules and procedures’ file in the kitchen.  This shows daily, weekly and half-termly cleaning and instructions for doing so.


New staff members are shown correct hand-washing methods, two-stage method of cleaning and full cleaning procedures as part of their induction programme.


Systems of control

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, we are also following the systems of control measures as set out by the government for Early Years settings. details of this can be found in the Actions for Early Years document on the Government website. 


Last reviewed: July 2023