Food & Drink

South Hill Park Pre-school promotes and encourages healthy eating and healthy snacks, as well as good oral health.  We give consideration to the NHS Change4Life ‘food smart’ recommendations to cut back on sugar, salt and saturated fats. 

Snack and lunch times are an important part of our session.In order for the children to be safe during these times it is essential we know about your child’s dietary needs.  

Dietary needs 

Snack time

The children have a mid-morning / afternoon healthy snack of fruit, dairy and carbohydrates.  The Pre-school implements systems to ensure that children only receive food and drink that is consistent with their dietary needs and preferences, as well as their parents’ wishes.  

Individual dietary needs are checked to ensure suitability of snack items provided. The staff member organising each snack session reads and signs the snack preparation sheet in the kitchen before snack time commences. 

In line with the Food Information Regulations 2014, you can ask us for verbal information about potential allergens in our snack food.  Please ask the Pre-school Manager or Deputy Manager  and they will be able to show you the food packaging with the relevant information.

We aim to vary the food offered and endeavour to reflect cultural diversity. 


Lunch time 




We carry out cooking with the children, where they are involved in the weighing, mixing  and preparation of the ingredients.

Staff training

Last reviewed: July 2023