We believe that the Pre-school is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018.  The Manager, Deputy Manager and staff whose role includes office duties and the Trustees have had GDPR training. 


Before joining the Pre-school, parents are asked to complete an admissions form which will be kept on the premises. This information will include: full name(s), address and telephone numbers of parents and child, at least one other contact name and number as well as other medical and essential information that will help us to care for the children  effectively.  It is essential that the admissions form is filled in fully and that the Pre-school is notified immediately when changes occur.  


We also keep personal records which may include signed consent forms, correspondence concerning the child or family, reports from meetings concerning the child, an ongoing record of relevant contact with parents and observations by staff on any confidential matter involving the child.  Staff members sometimes use voice recorders to record conversations with children in order to include language details in the child’s ‘learning and development story’.  These recordings are deleted as soon as they have been transcribed.


South Hill Park Pre-school is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office on the register of data controllers permitting us to keep personal and financial details and records of goods or services provided.  Parents have the right to access the records of their own child but do not have access to information about any other child.  If parents do wish to access information then the correct procedure must be followed, as described:


Any request to see the child’s personal file by a parent must be made in writing. The Pre-school commits to providing access within 14 days.  All third parties (this includes family members who may be referred to) are written to, stating that a request for disclosure has been received and asking for permission to disclose to the person requesting it.  Any information which a third party has refused consent to disclosure is removed.  The parent is invited in to discuss the contents so that they can be explained.


All information will be kept in strictest confidence.  All records are kept in a locked cabinet.  Information about a child is shared on a ‘need to know’ basis within the structure of the Pre-school team.  If Committee discussion is required in any instance, the child and family will remain anonymous.  In the case of non payment of fees the Chairperson and Treasurer of the Committee will be involved and financial details will be passed on to them.  Any student observing in Pre-school will be informed of our confidentiality policy and asked to respect this.  Our committee trustees sign a confidentiality clause when they join the committee.


Daily attendance is recorded in a register and the total number of children, staff and visitors at each session is displayed in the premises.  Records are kept of fire drills and any accidents that occur during the session are recorded along with a signature from the member of staff who dealt with the incident.  The parent/carer will be asked to countersign the accident record when collecting the child.


Each  child’s ‘learning and development story’ remains the property of the child’s family and parents  are welcome to share and discuss these records at a convenient time, with their  child’s Key Person.  Whilst the folder is with the family then it is entirely their responsibility to keep it safe and to return it to Pre-school the following working day or when requested. Each  child’s ‘learning and development story’ folder is kept in a locked cupboard in the quiet room.  Staff update notes in their own homes and have signed to agree to their  acceptance of the confidentiality clause in their staff handbook.  Staff do not take personal information home with the child’s full name or details.  All photographs of children are downloaded to the Pre-school computer and printed at Pre-school.  This is never done in the Key Person’s home.  Staff will have full details about a child when they carry out their home visit.  When a  child leaves Pre-school, their EYFS Transfer Record will be discussed with their parent , if this is possible, before it is passed on to their  next provision.  If a  child leaves Pre-school before their transfer documents have been written, we  ask that their parent  contacts us within 5 working days of them  leaving if they  wish to see the document before we pass them to the next setting.

Visitors to the Pre-school are asked to read our visitors requirements which includes information about privacy and confidentiality. They are then asked to sign to say they have read them.



Last reviewed: July 2023