Broadmoor Alert Policy

Broadmoor Hospital is a high security psychiatric hospital in Crowthorne. Since decommissioning their 13 sirens, they are working closely with Thames Valley Police to use the Thames Valley Alert System, which is a modern way of sending out relevant information to residents in the local area. South Hill Park Pre-school is signed up to the TVA system, so in the event of an escape from Broadmoor hospital, we will receive an automatic message alert.

At South Hill Park Pre-school, we have good security arrangements in place.  Our register details the time each child arrives and leaves each day, therefore we always know exactly how many children are in our care at any one time.  When the children are outside playing, our gate is always locked. When the children go back indoors, we always carry out a headcount before the outside gate is unlocked.  During arrival and collection times we always have at least 2 members of staff standing at the doors, to ensure that no child leaves the building without the adult who is responsible for them.

If there is an escape from Broadmoor during the Pre-school day, we will receive a telephone alert. If out in the garden children will be brought immediately back into the building and the windows and doors will be locked. A headcount will be carried out immediately. The outside gate will stay locked and no visitors will be accepted. Pre-school will remain open and carry on as usual, if it is deemed safe to do so. At the end of the session the normal collection procedures will be followed.  Under no circumstances will children be allowed to leave the safe confines of Pre-school with an adult who is not known to us and named on the child’s admission forms (or subsequently put in writing).  Our usual procedures also apply in the event of a child not being picked up.

If a group of children are on an outing in the surrounding local area at the time of an escape alert, our main priority will be to return to the Pre-school building immediately and quickly.  The senior member of staff will have a mobile telephone on them to keep in contact with the Pre-school. Before each trip the mobile phone will be checked to ensure it has enough battery power and enough credit for the trip and the staff left at Pre-school have the correct telephone number.   

We will always follow the advice of the Police, so in the event that we are advised by Thames Valley Police that it is not safe to remain open and carry on as usual, staff will contact the children’s parents to come and collect their children immediately. Children will only be allowed to leave with their parents or a person named on their admission form.  

Last reviewed: July 2023