Lisa - Pre-school Manager.  Lisa has been involved with the Pre-school since 2003 and all three of her sons have attended. Lisa is responsible for the overall running of the Pre-school, including the admissions, partnerships with parents, staff management, recruitment and working with the committee. Lisa is our ‘Equality Named Co-ordinator’ and works hard to ensure all children and families are included and families with English as an Additional Language are supported. Lisa is a Level
6 qualified practitioner with a First Class BA Honours Degree in Children's Learning and Development.

- Supervisor. Debbie has been involved with the Pre-school since 1995 and has had 2 children who attended. Debbie has been highly praised for working so closely with the family as a unit and helping all children to develop and flourish during their time with us.  Debbie is a Level 6 qualified practitioner with a BA Honours Degree in Special Education Needs and Inclusive Practice. Debbie is responsible for the day-to-day supervision of the children’s education and care at Pre-school. She is also the groups Child Protection Officer and Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator. 

Helen - 
Senior Early Years PractitionerHelen has been with the Pre-school since 2002 when her twin daughters attended. Helen is qualified to CACHE Level 3 and has completed training with ‘Jabadao’ to support children’s natural desire for whole-hearted, full-bodied movement play.  Helen's dedication to the Pre-school, patience and hard work have been hugely beneficial to the Pre-school.

Sue - Senior Early Years Practitioner.
Sue has been working with our group since 1997 where her son also attended. Sue is qualified to NVQ Level 3. Sue has worked hard at establishing close bonds with her Key Children and she is an established and reliable member of the staff team. Sue also takes on an admin role for the Pre-school, supporting Lisa with some of the office tasks.

Karen - Early Years Practitioner.  Karen joined the Pre-school in September 2012  and is currently working towards NVQ level 3.  Karen's two daughters both attended the Pre-school and Karen was Chairperson of our committee during that time and so knew the Pre-school well before joining us. Karen is also a registered childminder.

Ann - Early Years Practitioner.  
Ann joined the Pre-school in May 2013 having previously worked at a Pre-school in Camberley (since 2010). Ann started working with children when the youngest of her 3 children started at a local primary school. In her spare time she got involved as a parent volunteer at the school and also helped run a busy Bracknell toddler group. Ann then went on to take up the work placement at the pre-school in Camberley. Ann is qualified to a Level 3 Diploma Children’s & Young People’s Workforce. 

Donna - Early Years Practitioner.  Donna began working at the Pre-school in September 2017 as a volunteer.  She was already qualified to NVQ Level 3 and had previously worked in a day care nursery and as a Nanny and then spent some time bringing up her own young family.  After a brief spell volunteering we were able to offer Donna a job running lunch club and then a few months later she became a Key Person with us.

Susan - Early Years Practitioner.  Susan has been with the Pre-school since July 2016.  She qualified to NVQ Level 3 and has over 12 years experience within a day care nursery where she progressed from a student up to Assistant Deputy Manager.  Susan began by providing us with temporary cover but now that her own children are both at school she has taken on a permanent role as a Key Person with us.