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Photographs & Videos

Photographs and Videos

During events

At Pre-school we use photographs and videos to capture children’s experiences and to evidence moments of independence, achievement and pride, which can enhance self-esteem for children and young people and their families. Generally, photographs and videos are a source of innocent pleasure and pride which can enhance self-esteem for children and young people and their families. By following some simple guidelines we can proceed safely and with regard to the law. 

During any event held by South Hill Park Pre-School for the children, during their normal session time, we will permit parents the use of cameras or video cameras unless we state otherwise.  Any images taken must be for private use only and if they include others, they must not be posted on social media platforms, on the internet without their parents consent, otherwise Data Protection legislation may be contravened.

Recording and/or photographing other than for private use would require the consent of all the other parents/carers whose children may be included in the images. To make sales or pass copies on without this could be a breach of the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR) .    

Any parents or carers known to the Pre-school and helping with the event, such as assisting with children dressing or changing, must not take photos or videos whilst assisting with this unless agreed with the Pre-school Manager.

Staff will question anyone they do not recognise who is using a camera and or video recorder at events and productions.

If parents / carers have any concerns these should be raised with staff at the earliest opportunity.  If parents do not wish their children to be photographed and it is not possible to isolate them then no photographs will be allowed unless they are individual ones.

During fundraising or social events which are organised outside of the normal Pre-school sessions, parents are responsible for their own children.  Other parents or visitors to the event may have cameras with them so parents should ensure that their child is not included in photographs unless they are happy with who is taking it and what they will be doing with it.

During the Pre-school day

Staff use cameras at preschool to take photographs of the children during play. Parents/carers are asked when children start with us if they give their permission for photographs of their children to be used in the following ways:

  • Within their Learning journal, written by the Key Person which will be viewed by parents, other staff members, and occasionally other childcare professionals.

  • To display within the Pre-school building (anonymously)

  • In staff training projects and work (anonymously)

  • On written literature to promote aspects of the Pre-school to other parents e.g. welcome booklet (anonymously)

  • In the local press if we have new services or facilities to showcase or newsworthy events or happenings to report on.

  • To be posted on the Pre-school parent’s private Facebook page. 

Policy reviewed: November 2021

Next review: November 2022