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Collection of Children

Parents are asked to state on their admissions forms the names of all people permitted to collect their child.  Written permission or face-to-face verbal permission is required from all parents where children are to be picked up by another adult not stated on the admissions form.  In circumstances where it is not possible to obtain written permission we will accept a telephone call from the parent with a description of the person and a password.  If a parent has not informed us that another person is collecting their child, even if they are known to us, we will contact the parent first. We will also contact the parent if there is any cause for concern or for clarification. New childminders are asked to provide photographic ID unless they are already known to us.  We will call Bracknell Forest Council to verify childminders who are not already familiar to us. The person collecting a child must be a responsible adult (over 18 years old). 

Children MUST be picked up on time.  If there are reasons beyond your control which will make you late, then every effort must be made to contact Pre-school to inform us of the situation.  Late collections are charged at £5 for each 15 minute period after the first 5 minutes.  One late collection per term is accepted as unavoidable and will not be charged.  Childminders who are arranging numerous pick-ups / drop-offs should speak to the Manager if there are likely to be difficulties. All incidents of late collection will be recorded. For persistent late collection the Pre-school Manager will arrange a meeting with the parent to discuss any issues.

If a child is not collected at the end of a session and we have not been given information about any changes to their normal collection procedures we will follow the following procedure: 

  1. We will call any contact telephone numbers which have been given to us to try to ascertain when the child will be collected.

  2. The child will not be allowed to leave the premises with anyone other than those people who have prior permission.

  3. Two members of staff will remain with the child.

  4. If after one hour no-one can be contacted to collect the child we will contact the Bracknell Forest Council MASH Team and follow their instructions from that point onwards.

  5. A full written report of the incident will be recorded in the child’s file and Ofsted may be notified.

Policy reviewed: June 2021 changes made

Next review: June 2022